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Remote Deposit Capture for the Consumer

Our RDC for the Consumer solution facilitates paper check deposits virtually anytime, anywhere with a variety of consumer based scanning devices. The consumer simply logs into his or her financial institution’s secure website, selects the account where he/she wants to make the deposit, and scans the check using his/her home or office scanner.

Who Benefits from
RDC for the Consumer?

Financial institutions with limited or no branches
– Financial institutions that rely on the Internet instead of brick-and-mortar branches can enable their clients to quickly and securely deposit checks from homes, offices or anywhere else a TWAIN-compatible scanner (such as a camera phone, multi-function printer or flatbed scanner) and an Internet connection are present.

Financial institutions that want to expand geographically
– Financial institutions can reach beyond their traditional
geographies and tap new consumer and corporate markets without
incurring the expense of opening a new brick-and-mortar

Financial institutions working with small businesses
too small to justify a traditional RDC scanner

Most financial institutions have already implemented RDC
for their medium and large corporate clients. However, there
are many small businesses that have check volumes too low
to justify the cost of a traditional scanner and the monthly
fees associated with traditional RDC applications. The barriers
to entry have been lowered by greater access to low-cost
scanners and the elimination of fixed monthly fees.

Key Benefits

  • Can be used with any TWAIN compatible scanner including
    home-based MFP devices, flatbed scanners, etc.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention, since
    RDC facilitates check deposits virtually anytime, anywhere.
    Once consumers try it, they won’t want to bank without
  • Reduced item processing costs, since scanning and data
    entry are already complete.

The Technology

Most scanners found in homes and small offices are fully
compatible with our RDC for the Consumer solution. Suitable
scanners include most camera phones, multi-function printers
and flatbed scanners.

Once the consumer’s log-on credentials are validated, he/she
can deposit checks, view messages from the host system and
review any check items that have already been scanned. Check
amount, account number and other necessary information are
captured automatically. Quality analysis, MICR recognition
and business rules on each transaction occur at the server
level. All transactions are 128-bit encrypted and validated
for Check 21. For security purposes, no data or images are
stored on the phone.

Our RDC solutions are also used for anti-money laundering
validations and to authenticate account numbers. Each check
is authorized against a duplicate detection database to
minimize fraud and duplicate scanning errors. Items failing
business rules or validations can be flagged for further
review by central site operators. Once the transaction passes
all of the defined business rules and approvals, it is then
cleared through an optimal clearing channel that generates
image cash letter files.